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The Story

Peek into the past of

Avi Brosh

I am the founder, leader and creative force behind the Palisociety brands. I spearhead the company’s concept innovation, design direction, development execution and operational strategies along with a crew of remarkable people. I have been involved in the real estate development and hospitality industry for over 20 years, and designed and built my first hotel in 2007. What can I tell you? I grew up in New Jersey. I was an active equestrian up until going to college at Boston University. I have always been captivated by people, places and things. The road I’ve traveled that has led me here making places that I love, has been a challenging and rewarding ride. I’m thankful to all of the people who’ve helped me along the way, to those today who are committed to carrying out my vision, and to all of the people who visit and enjoy our establishments.

Cheers, Avi.

A family business

Trusty Service

Palisociety is a family business. We are innkeepers in spirit. My wife, Kirsten oversees the hotels along with a team of amazing and clever people. My son Archer works in both operations and design, and my daughter Elle works with our Executive Chef in the kitchen from time-to-time. Every day we rely on the generous hospitality of our wonderful team who do all they can to make guests feel like they’ve found their special place – one that speaks to them in a way that inspires them to come back time and time again. For us its deeply personal.


Creative Vision

We have an unapologetically eclectic aesthetic when it comes to designing hotels. The way we mix and match stuff—it’s about how most people live in the real world. They collect and curate things over time, they change things, they improve them, and they are left with their favorites—whether it’s a trophy from little league baseball or something heritage inherited from a grandparent. The emphasis for us is more about the way hotels makes you feel rather than the way they look.

We believe in an…

Independent Spirit

We admire and respect each local culture that we inhabit. In each instance, we strive to make deep and meaningful connections. We want our places to make you feel like you’re understood. We want to convey an unfussy down-to-earth “luxury”. We want things to make your heart beat a little faster. We are foodies at heart, we love a local tipple. We believe in good old-fashioned hospitality with a new-fashioned attitude. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like places that feel like home. And most of all, we believe in having an independent spirit.
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