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Founded by Avi Brosh, the Palisociety family of companies is a fully integrated branded real estate development and hospitality operating enterprise that acquires, programs, designs, develops, owns, and operates unique hotels and residences. Palisociety’s proprietary brands, development and operational expertise also includes specialized retail spaces, highly curated restaurants, bars and event venues.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our guests and our communities by creating one-of-a-kind neighborhood-centric places filled with interesting people and friendly staff who provide trusty service. We emphasize what is valuable about each of our neighborhoods and we respect each local culture that we inhabit.

We are a Los Angeles based company, and we embody the Californian spirit into everything we do. We believe in good old-fashioned hospitality with a new-fashioned attitude. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like places that feel like home. And most of all, we believe in having an independent spirit.


We have an unapologetically eclectic aesthetic when it comes to designing spaces. The way we mix and match stuff—it’s about how most people live in the real world. They collect and curate things over time, they change things, they improve them, and they are left with their favorites.

Palisociety delivers custom-tailored design for every aspect of our projects and no two properties are alike. Our projects are a product of a rigorous in-house creative processes including conceptual design, interiors, graphics, websites, uniforms and marketing materials. Everything from the wall paper to the flatware is custom designed and procured to enhance the individuality of each project and its patrons.

Hotel Operations

A cheerful greeting. An authentic smile. A room that stirs up a little excitement. A plush minibar. A comfy bed. We believe in authentic interactions, no scripts, no forced pleasantries and no egregious formalities. We know better than to treat all guests the same because our guests aren’t all the same. Some want more attention and some a little less. Some are in a hurry and some appreciate a bit of banter.

Providing great service isn’t that complicated. It starts with hiring the right people and providing the tools, training and development to ensure excellent customer service. We take care of our employees and in turn, they take care of our guests.

Food, Beverage and Events

We’re foodies at heart, and our restaurants, bars and lounges strive to be approachable spots ours neighbors stop by on the regular. We aren’t fussy, (overly) pretentious, and we don’t do fine dining, molecular foams, or smears of exotic purees. What we believe in is that great food never goes out of style and that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

Our in-house F&B development and operations team has created numerous acclaimed restaurants and bars, all of which are familiar neighborhood favorites. Our menus are seasonal, our cocktails are impeccably crafted, and our price points are approachable.


palisociety crest
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